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Empowering Efficient, Reliable Innovation Through Highly Automated Testing

Agile development, and the adoption of DevOps has increased the frequency of software releases to the production environment. These practices power innovation, by incrementally and frequently enhancing your customer experience. But the demands on testing are increased – more frequent releases mean more frequent testing. If your testing processes are highly fragmented, complex, and expensive to plan and execute, you are unable to innovate as quickly as the market now demands. Infraxis IQS collaborative testing solution is designed for highly automated payments testing and can be used for functional, regression, performance and exploratory test strategies.

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Infraxis IQS is entirely browser based and centralized. This approach is essential to drive efficiency – fragmented and distributed test apparatus, specialized hardware, licence dongles, and unversioned test data are eliminated! Engineering and QA teams can co-operatively develop and maintain test cases and test data – think “Google Documents” of testing. All test results, logs and traces placed in your online work area are securely stored for access by your organisation.

Accreditation & Certification

IQS has been designed to support certification processes, where a network operator, card scheme or industry supplier needs its customers to prove compatibility with their standard interfaces. The centralized online approach adopted by IQS simplifies licence management, management of test packs and standardises the validation of certification results. The multi-tenanted capabilities of IQS enables your customers to test flexibly at any time, and incorporate this testing into their own integration and regression processes upon demand.


Infraxis has ensured that the management of test collateral is simplified for its customers, making the process of testing as simple and effective as possible to save time and reduce costs. IQS users are given access the IQS Asset Store through which they can make service requests, manage licenses and download test packs. IQS is available as a fully managed service, so there’s no software to install on your own infrastructure and Infraxis guarantees both service scalability and 24 x 7 availability. Alternatively, IQS can be installed on your own infrastructure, where you can self-manage your environment whilst still benefiting from full access to the IQS Asset Store.

Please download a brochure below and contact Infraxis for further information.

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