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Driving Sales and Unlocking Customer Value

PayStorm manages the issuance and redemption processing for coupons used in sales campaigns, helping retailers and brands owners to drive sales and unlock customer value. Being based upon the same powerful Infraxis technology used to authorise card payments for millions of cardholders every day, our PayStorm coupon solution offers massive scalability and uncompromised reliability, making it the obvious choice for both retailers and coupon processors.

Coupon Management

Define coupons directly through PayStorm’s comprehensive management interface or indirectly via an externally connected campaign management solution. Configure the validation rules and redemption rewards, which can include fixed amounts, percentages discounts, free goods, loyalty points and further coupons. Validation rules can include full checking of goods, quantities and sales values.


Coupons are validated by making service requests to PayStorm, with each transaction request containing one or more coupons along with the shopping basket contents to be used for validation. The high-volume PayStorm rules engine enables stores to validate coupons while the retail transaction is inflight and redeem when the purchase is complete, even supplying purchase-specific follow-on coupons to the point of sale to help drive future sales.

Issuance Requests

PayStorm receives coupon issuance requests either as part of a retail transaction or on an ad-hoc basis. Issuance requests can be made through a retailer or from an electronic wallet linked to an online account or mobile app. PayStorm returns the coupon barcode, name, description and references to visual images so that the coupon can be printed or displayed online.

Our PayStorm solution provides an omni-channel coupon processing solution that delivers coupon issuance, redemption and settlement for both retailers and processors.

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