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Fast, Secure And Reliable Omni-Channel Payments

PayStorm enables card issuers to continually keep ahead of the latest card industry trends and standards for increased cardholder satisfaction.

PayStorm can deliver fast, secure and reliable omni-channel payments for cardholders using contact and contactless cards, mobile apps and online accounts.

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Authorisation & Management

PayStorm provides front-end authorisation and online account management functionality for single cards, family cards and corporate hierarchies. No matter how complex the account structures may be, PayStorm delivers a uniform approach for managing the business of payment authorisation.

Secure Payment Capabilities

Today’s cardholders require secure payment capabilities to be seamlessly integrated with their card accounts: be they transit payments via smartphones, POS payments via contactless/NFC devices, internet shopping via eCommerce – or any combination of the seemingly limitless payment channels which exist in today’s marketplace. PayStorm satisfies these requirements by incorporating the latest standards in payment technologies: MDES/VTS tokenisation functionality from MasterCard and Visa, Best Practises for PayPass/Paywave contactless applications, novel approaches to 3D-Secure authentication, and full EMV support.

Customer Data

PayStorm manages all customer data in keeping with the industry-wide PCI security standards and presents it through its language independent help-desk facility ready for addressing cardholder enquiries.

PayStorm’s flexibility empowers issuers to incorporate unique processing rules within a standard framework, enabling them to offer brand-defining features to their cardholders. Download our brochure below or get in touch for more information.

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