Infraxis certifies Paystorm for UK faster payments

//Infraxis certifies Paystorm for UK faster payments

Infraxis certifies Paystorm for UK faster payments

Infraxis AG is delighted to announce that their PayStorm Switching solution has achieved accreditation with UK Faster Payments.

PayStorm Switching can now be deployed as an access gateway to UK Faster Payments, enabling the mapping and routing of ISO20022, ISO8583, JSON and other message formats to and from the Faster Payments Central Infrastructure.

Manfred Thomi, CEO Infraxis AG said “The Faster Payments integration demonstrates our strategy to provide diverse payment processing solutions, not only in Card Payments, but spanning other channels such as Immediate Payments too. With state-of-the-art Switching, Acquiring and Issuing products, Infraxis now offers a truly comprehensive range of payments solutions – all of which are processing live payments and providing non-stop 24/7/365 benefits for our customers.”

The Infraxis switching solution is already providing access to other immediate payment schemes around the world, as well as routing card based retail and IFSF fuel transactions between POS devices and issuers.

PayStorm Switching is built on a modern, highly available realtime platform, architected for rapid development and deployment. The solution provides smart, flexible message mapping and routing with integrated HSM cryptography and key management, and features built-in APIs for complete integration into any application landscape.

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