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We deliver cost-effective omni-channel transaction processing solutions and services for payment processors and retailers. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions which are simply tailored to support business-specific functionality, enabling our clients to offer highly competitive products to their customers. Our main solutions include:

We developed our own suite of active-active – Always-On – transaction processing solutions based upon our unique service-oriented platform known as PayStorm.

PayStorm & IQS

With functionality covering a wide range of payment and retail areas, PayStorm offers innovative and cost-effective end-user solutions on an open platform which is continuously ready for business.

IQS delivers a collaborative platform specifically tailored to highly automated Payments Testing.

Please see our downloadable brochures below outlining our main solutions:

Paystorm For Card Issuer Processing

Paystorm Acquiring And Switching

Paystorm For Coupon Processing

Paystorm For Fuel Card Processing

Testing on Demand

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Latest News

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