Payment Processing Redefined

Non-stop payment processing solutions from Infraxis are helping payment processors to increase availability, lower costs, boost opportunity and grow business.


Customisable solutions for payment card issuers

Ranging from single cards through to corporate hierarchies, PayStorm provides the flexibility needed to reach out to a wider cardholder base

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Smart payment acquiring solutions

Efficient management of merchants, payment terminals and financial networks

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Multi-scheme fuel card payment processing

PayStorm fuel card processing is the comprehensive solution for cross-scheme acquiring of payments in the retail fuel industry

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Online coupon issuing, redemption and settlement

The comprehensive offer management solution for coupon processors and retailers

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More About PayStorm

We developed our own suite of active-active - Always-On - transaction processing solutions based upon our unique service-oriented platform known as PayStorm. With functionality covering a wide range of payment and retail areas, PayStorm offers innovative and cost-effective end-user solutions on an open platform which is continuously ready for business.

GCS German Card Switch using PayStorm for large-scale processing

GCS has replaced its previous authorisation system with a modern scalable PayStorm solution from Infraxis. PayStorm provides connectivity to the Visa and MasterCard networks for a full range of cardholder services. PayStorm delivers full cardholder lifecycle management across corporate hierarchies, family structures and of course, standalone accounts.
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Infraxis AG

CCC Credit Card Centre AG taking delivery of PayStorm Acquiring

Prominent Swiss fuel payment processor, CCC Credit Card Centre AG is taking delivery of the new PayStorm Acquiring platform and is upgrading its existing fuel card processing system to the latest PayStorm Fuel solution to support its business growth.
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Infraxis AG

Infraxis Certifies PayStorm for UK Faster Payments

Infraxis AG is delighted to announce that their PayStorm Switching solution has achieved accreditation with UK Faster Payments.
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Infraxis AG

About Infraxis

Experience Understanding Innovation Delivery

Who we are

Infraxis is a Swiss company with offices and staff in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia. Our workforce is highly experienced in the fields of electronic payments and high-availability transaction processing.

What we offer

We deliver cost-effective omni-channel transaction processing solutions and services for payment processors and retailers. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions which are simply tailored to support business-specific functionality, enabling our clients to offer highly competitive products to their customers.

1. Solutions

We design, deliver and support specialist transaction processing solutions for card issuers, payment processors and retailers. Our card-based payment solutions are certified to the PA-DSS level 3 security standard and support the latest tokenisation functionality from MasterCard and Visa. Infraxis solutions are not only up to date with the latest industry standards, but are right up to date from a technology perspective too, offering cloud-like scaleability and supporting big data models.

2. Service

We provide specialist development and support services to the payments industry, covering both Infraxis and non-Infraxis solutions. Our highly skilled team members have in-depth knowledge of international payment standards, complemented by local specialist expertise covering areas such as EP2 in Switzerland, SECCOS in Germany and Faster Payments in the United Kingdom. We provide 24 x 7 support services to our customers and we are proud of our growing reputation for quality and reliability.



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